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Benchmark for electromobility Coroflex high-voltage cables for HV vehicle electrical systems

Electromobility is an important key to the path to a more sustainable and climate-friendly future. The trend toward electromobility is no longer limited to the automobile. E-mobility plays a role wherever vehicles are electrically powered. Here we are doing pioneering work and setting standards in the development of high-voltage cables. Your challenges today benefit from our wealth of experience from diverse projects in a wide range of applications - from agricultural machinery manufacturers to space technology, from visionary student projects to large-scale production.

Global standards High-voltage cables for series production worldwide

Coroflex high-voltage cables have been used in series production by all leading vehicle manufacturers worldwide for many years. The reason for this success - our high-voltage cables offer outstanding quality, comply with all current standards and are approved worldwide. In addition, our customers appreciate the logistical advantages of our local production sites.

Setting standards and building trust

Through our many years of experience, close cooperation with partners along the supply chain, constant exchange with the industry and our enormous development expertise, Coroflex has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the market. Our engineers proactively develop new industry standards and were instrumental in the development of LV 216.

All of the high-voltage cables we offer comply with the LV 216 standard, and we also offer products for the ISO19642 standard, which is gaining international relevance.

The optimal product for every application

The portfolio of Coroflex high-voltage cables contains the optimal solution for every application:

  • Single and multi-core (shielded and unshielded) cables from 2.5 mm² up to 120 mm².
  • Cables with copper or aluminum as conductor material.
  • For the common voltage class up to 600 V AC / 1,000 V DC.
  • Already equipped today for future voltage classes: HV cables designed for up to 1,000 V AC / 1,500 V DC.

In addition to the proven 180°C temperature class, we also offer HV cables for the 150°C temperature class. Compared with standard 150°C cables, our products have thermal reserves - for peak performance of any kind.

Lightweight construction and automation High-voltage cables offer numerous savings potentials

Coroflex always has the customer benefit in mind. We are continuously working on solutions to meet your requirements for material, weight and space savings. We also never lose sight of economic efficiency. 

Save weight and installation space

Customer acceptance of e-mobility is directly linked to an increase in ranges and a reduction in charging times. Many suppliers achieve this by increasing current levels, which in turn leads to the use of larger and heavier cables. Coroflex takes a different approach here - we offer many ways to save weight while meeting your requirements:

  • Processing lighter aluminum as a conductor material.
  • Innovative insulation and sheathing materials reduce weight.
  • Revolutionary technology - actively coolable high-voltage cables.
    In customer projects, we have been able to reduce the weight by up to 40% compared to non-cooled high-voltage cables.

We will work with you to find your optimum cable solution.

Ready for automated processing

Coroflex is continuously addressing the growing requirements of automated production and assembly of wire harnesses. We are thereby already equipping ourselves today for the trend towards full automation. Our high-voltage cables are characterized by:

  • Process-stable design and minimal tolerance zones for easy and clean cuts through sheath and braid.
  • Avoidance of splicing during processing enables smooth further processing.
  • Improved cycle times in production and safe welding process due to absence of talc.
  • Permanent marking of the cable by laser marking for full traceability - individual markings can also be applied subsequently.

In the meantime, many of our HV cable customers compare us with NASA: if we don’t know the answer, then nobody does. That’s a great compliment, and we also see it as an incentive and a challenge.

Helmut Wichmann | Director Global Product Management & Marketing

Your advantages at a glance The result of our years of development work

Coroflex always has its finger on the pulse of the industry and understands your key requirements. The result is innovative solutions in the high-voltage sector that offer numerous advantages:

  • Long lifespan and high functional stability
  • Reduction of installation space and weight
  • Copper and aluminum cables
  • Temperature classes 150°C and 180°C
  • Cables according to LV216 and ISO 19642
  • Voltage class up to 1,000 V AC / 1,500 V DC
  • Designed for automated processing
  • Use in the global electromobility market
  • individual consulting for the efficient design of system components
  • Talc-free
  • Individuell solutions for your

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Sustainability High-voltage cables for a more environmentally friendly mobility

High-voltage cables from Coroflex mean an important step towards sustainability. Our products are manufactured in a way that saves resources and materials. Their innovative design saves space and weight in the vehicle, thus supporting CO2 reduction and enabling higher ranges of electric vehicles. Coroflex silicone high-voltage cables are free of PCB and talc. With all these properties, our high-voltage cables support the vision of a green vehicle electrical system.

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Paul Nickl
Business Development Manager Wires & Cables