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Two employees in our laboratory

Coroflex We develop highly individual wires and cables for industrial applications

As digitalisation continues to advance, production processes are increasingly connected together in networks – Industry 4.0 is the big buzz. And for almost any kind of network, wires and cables are essential.

Coroflex offers you highly individual solutions to meet all needs. Every industry has its own, specific requirements – from automotive and transport through medical technology to automation. We understand what our customers value and we provide them with industrial wires and cables made to measure.

What sets Coroflex apart is that all our insulation and sheathing materials are developed in-house. The development engineers in Coroflex’s own laboratories work with high-quality – and in some cases proprietary – test apparatus. Every industry and every customer thus profits from our concentrated expertise. Quality and reliability are the hallmarks of our industrial wires and cables.

Two employees going through the test lab
Concentrated development expertise: our ultra-modern, in-house test lab for industrial wires and cables.

High-voltage cables – the benchmark for the electromobility industry

Electric mobility is a hot topic that is on everyone’s lips today. Electric cars are only one expression of this trend: e-mobility can be found wherever there is motion – from buses or commercial vehicles through trains and planes to industrial trucks such as forklifts. Together with leading carmakers we are pioneering the development of high-voltage cables to meet the high electrical, thermal and mechanical requirements.

Our high-voltage cables feature a reduced weight for improved range and performance. They are meanwhile established as the standard among high-voltage automotive cables, and we are working to extend this standard in line with tomorrow’s needs. Our test environments simulate specific handling behaviour with such accuracy that we are in a position to recommend cables with the optimal weight and conductor cross-section. Using innovative thermal and mechanical simulations, we determine the optimal cable dimensions for all relevant applications and routing whatever the vehicle type; you benefit from reliable HV cables made to measure.

In the meantime, many of our HV cable customers compare us with NASA: if we don’t know the answer, then nobody does. That’s a great compliment – and we also see it as an incentive and a challenge.

Helmut Wichmann | Director, Global Product Management & Marketing

Automation and Industry 4.0 – cable solutions for tomorrow’s world

Tomorrow’s world will be networked, intelligently controlled and increasingly influenced by the need for maximum traceability of products and raw materials. Industry 4.0 is the big buzz here. That’s why, for many years now, we have focused on the continuous development of new and optimized wires and cables, that work reliably and fit perfectly into your processes or your industrial wiring system.

An “Advanced Development Team” has been set up at Coroflex especially for this purpose. The team members collaborate closely with you to create advanced technologies – and develop solutions today for the applications of tomorrow. Our maxim is to always listen carefully to your individual wishes and requirements. Together with you, we think ahead and set benchmarks for your industry.

Coroflex – tailor-made for any industry

Our development activities are very closely aligned to the specific needs not only of the automotive industry but of other sectors too. Our Coroflex product series, for example, translates general system requirements for sensor and control cables into special, made-to-measure applications tailored to individual industries. The following are just a few examples:

Sensor and control cables for automation, robotics and cleanroom technology

Sensor and control cables destined for automation or robotics applications are required to be extremely flexible. What’s more, the amount of talcum they contain needs to be reduced to a minimum to prevent contamination of the machines. Especially in a cleanroom environment, even the slightest contamination of the production process due to particles in the air can lead to serious disruptions and interfere with the functioning of semiconductor devices, for instance.

That’s why we developed a novel solution that achieves the highest cleanroom classification and has been certified by Fraunhofer IPA (Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation) https://www.ipa.fraunhofer.de/.

An employee handling a silicon wafer
We have developed a very special clean room solution for the fields of automation technology and robotics.

Special sensor cable for ESCHA

The high stripping capability up to a length of 1.5 m (compared to 0.3 m with conventional cables available by the metre) represents a special application feature of our Coroflex sensor cable.  It enables longer stripping lengths of the cable sheath in a single (possibly manual) operation.

Robot gripper arm with cable

The professionalism and the flexibility with which this special sensor cable was tailor-made by Coroflex are truly impressive. They chose an efficient and solution-oriented approach while keeping a clear focus on our requirements. We’re very happy with the high quality and innovative nature of the result.

Thomas Korb | Head of Product Management, ESCHA

Made-to-measure cables for medical technology

Applications in the field of medical technology likewise place high demands on our cables. Not only must they satisfy hygienic standards; they must also ward off germs and have an antimicrobial surface.

Multi-drug-resistant organisms in hospitals, which can also be transmitted via medical devices, can cause dangerous infections in chronically ill patients or those with weakened immune systems. The Coroflex® Hospital series from Coroflex has an antimicrobial surface that is designed to prevent contamination.

This cable technology is based on a special physical principle, which simultaneously protects the environment and is resource-friendly. Unlike our competitors, we dispense completely here with biocidal substances and nanometals, which are thought to have a critical impact on health.

Medical device with tubes
We have developed special cables for medical technology.

Made-to-measure wires and cables Your contact for automotive and industrial applications

Would you like to know whether a Coroflex solution can help you in your particular branch of industry? If so, you are welcome to contact us! We’ll be happy to advise you!

Made-to-measure wires and cables Your contact for automotive and industrial applications

Would you like to know whether a Coroflex solution can help you in your particular branch of industry? If so, you are welcome to contact us! We’ll be happy to advise you!