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A typical development for an Production Manager at CCT

Fred Gu, joined Coroflex as a production supervisor in 2015. Ever since the first day he worked in this dynamic environment, he was facing various and continuous challenges from “Zero” to “One”, from production localization to “Project Orange”, from “how to develop technical skills” to “how to promote team management”. Coroflex not only demands a lot from its employees, but also gives a lot in return.

Developing with challenges, improving with opportunities

During the past years, Coroflex is localizing the silicone manufacturing lines in China since the Chinese market for electric vehicles is rapidly growing.  Fred Gu obtained the opportunity to be the core member of the project, promoting his personal and professional development for three months in Wuppertal Germany for silicone cable manufacturing and now he became a total expert in silicone cable production.

“I’m very lucky to work here together with all the excellent and nice colleagues and what attracts me most working in Coroplast is that Coroflex always provides platforms to people who are dynamic and willing to take new responsibilities.” Looking back to the path he came along in the past five years, Fred Gu is full of passion in his eyes.

 “People make the difference” is a good expression of how the company looks upon its employees.

Fred learns about the new silicone cables from his colleagues in Wuppertal