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Our Working Environment

Coroflex is part of the Coroplast Group, a german owned, family managed company that produces high-quality wires and cables.

Employee Insights from Coroplast Cable Technology

Carrie Zhang joined Coroflex in March 2016 as a material planner. Today she is part of a project team which leads our relocation project, the so called "Project Orange". Carrie: "I was happy and excited but also a little bit nervous when I first visited Wuppertal, Germany. I visited our headquarters to learn about handling the import and export equipment for our significant localisation project. I took all the recently gained information and knowledge back to China - there I am responsible for the handling of shippings now. It was first a challenge for me to take but also a great oppertunity to learn new project management skills and broaden my global horizon. It is a pleasure to work with my colleagues from Germany on a daily basis. 

Carrie Zhang works at Coroflex since 2016

Career and family

Coroflex is localising the silicone lines in China since the Chinese market for electric vehicles is rapidly growing. All machines and raw materials as well as German-engineered technology require a precise and professional way to manage and ship. "We strive to control every point to make sure that every step involved is execuded perfectly for our production line localisation. As one part of the project team, I am proud and confident to come over all the difficulties that may appear." In her private life, Carrie needs to take care of her newborn. Working at Coroflex offers her good career oppertunities and successful family responsibilities at the same time. 

Work enthusiasm and relaxation

Besides the interesting challenges, we also get to relax together every once in a while. "The wonderful tea break every friday and our cheerful football games, as well as our inspiring autumn outing activity make me feel relaxed and gain new energy to work with enthusiasm." Carrie is very pleased that she works for Coroflex, which together strives for success under the motto of "work hard, play hard".