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The in-house Coroflex test laboratory

Innovative strength Research and development at Coroflex

We develop our cables and conductors in-house in our well-equipped technical centre and versatile test laboratories. With this bundled competence, we are represented in the complete supplier chain. Customers from a wide range of industries benefit from our high speed of innovation.

Smart Cable Solutions We develop customised cables and wires

Whether it's the automotive industry, electromobility, data transmission, mechanical and plant engineering, automation technology, the lighting industry or medical technology: we know the respective needs of the different industries and offer individual product solutions.

The special thing about Coroflex is that we develop and test our insulation and sheathing materials ourselves. In this way, our engineers are able to implement an idea immediately in the technical centre and test the result in our test laboratories - all with the finest testing equipment.

Material test in the Coroflex test laboratory
With the excellent equipment of the Coroflex test laboratory, worldwide standards can be mapped.

These particular strengths make us a competent development partner for our customers:

  • High speed of innovation - seamless transition between product development, prototyping and material testing
  • Great innovative strength - proactive in-house developments and customised developments at the customer's request
  • Excellent equipment - well-equipped technical centre and versatile test laboratories for product development or failure analysis
  • A wide variety of test methods - electrical, thermal and physical tests according to worldwide standards
Our ovens for the ageing test of materials
With our ovens we can heat materials and thus test their ageing properties.

Our development engineers work with excellent equipment. For example, we have more than 40 ovens to test the ageing of materials. This allows us to make reliable statements about the service life of products.

Oliver Brambach | Research and development engineer

Industry expertise We develop and test for the different applications

Our development and testing capabilities are just as diverse as our customers' needs. In our laboratories, for example, we have hydropulse systems, drag chain and torsion test stands, a derating chamber, ultrasonic welding machines, devices for abrasion testing or automatic settling machines.

We also rely on excellent equipment for prototype production. This includes thermoplastic extruders, compounders, rollers and sheet presses. We place the highest demands on the quality of our equipment, which means that we design and manufacture some of these machines ourselves.

With this excellent framework, our engineers are able to map worldwide sets of standards such as CSA, DIN, EN, FDA, ISO, UL or VDE. In addition, we develop customised testing proposals for our customers if required.

In addition to our technical centre and testing laboratories at the Wuppertal site, we also have the necessary know-how and capacities in China and Poland to manufacture prototypes and carry out material tests.

With this comprehensive demand on our innovation management, we create the basis for the outstanding quality of the cables and wires from Coroflex.

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Material testing in the Coroflex laboratory
We have extensive industry expertise and the development and testing procedures to match.