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Wires & Cables

Engineers of tomorrow rely on the Coroplast Group

Curiosity, precision and the goal of achieving top performance - these are the values that unite the university competition "Formula Student" and the Coroplast Group. For many years, supporting the voluntary commitment of the student teams with advice and action has therefore been a given for us.

Formula Student has relied on products from the Coroplast Group for many years

The principle of "Formula Student" is simple: students from different disciplines design, build and market their own single-seater racing car - and compete each year on major race tracks around the world. The winner is not the team with the fastest car, but the team with the best overall package of construction, performance, and financial and sales planning.

The university teams as car manufacturers

The university teams act in a similar way to a car manufacturer: first a prototype is developed, which is then expertly evaluated piece by piece for production. The racing car must have very good driving characteristics such as acceleration, braking and aerodynamics - and it should be offered at a reasonable price. In addition, the market value of the car is enhanced by other factors such as aesthetics, comfort and the use of readily available, standard purchase components.

Our business units as suppliers

The challenge for the teams is to put together an overall package consisting of a well-constructed racing car and a business plan that best meets the specified criteria. The choice of the right materials is therefore crucial: and this is where our Coroplast Tape and Coroflex business units have been very happy to contribute adhesive tape solutions as well as cables and wires for years.

(© FSG - Mosch) The Bolide 2021 of the team of the RWTH Aachen University - equipped with our products.
(© FSG - Mosch) The Bolide 2021 of the team of the RWTH Aachen University - equipped with our products.

Supporting the EV racing team in HKUST

EVRG, Electric Vehicle Racing Group in HK University of Science and Technology, as tomorrow' s top racing team is aim to win the International Champion of Formula Student, which is Europe’s most established educational engineering competition. With our engagement, we are together heading to the target step by step by providing professional cable products,technology and sponsoring funds. 

EV racing team in HKUST
EV racing team in HKUST

Supporting NUS Formula SAE 

The National University of Singapore is seeking to build Singapore's first formula style fully electric race car to compete in the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) competition held in Michigan, USA.
NUS FSAE has been taking part in the competition since 2001, with the goal of innovating to solve real world challenges. Since  inception, the team finished among the top 15% of international teams and has consistently achieved top 10 in accolades or individual events.

NUS Formula SAE
NUS Formula SAE

Supporting UniSA Motorsport

Since 2002, UniSA Motorsport regularly entered the Formula SAE Australasian competition. The team conceives, designs and builds a formula style race car and in doing so gains real-world experience in working on an exciting project. Students learn to be innovative and be practical in a team environment that fosters professional development.

UniSA Motorsport
UniSA Motorsport

Supporting  Inspired Karters Electric, Pilani Campus

Team Inspired Karters Electric, BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus, is a formula student team that races its single-seater race car in competitions across the globe. We have been to Formula Bharat, FS Hungary, FS Italy and with the current car are planning to attend FS UK,  Formula Bharat and the FS Hungary competitions.

Inspired Karters Electric, Pilani Campus
Inspired Karters Electric, Pilani Campus

Your contact person Your contact for Formula Student at Coroflex

Are you looking for a competent partner in the field of wires for your Formula Student team ? Then please contact us at any time!
Elaine Chen
Purchasing Manager for Compound and Indirect Material