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Coroflex CONNECT Coroflex CONNECT UMC - H07BQ-F

VDE-compliant sheathed cables for use in particularly demanding environments.
product image: Coroflex CONNECT UMC - H07BQ-F


These hardy connection cables H05BQ-F and H07BQ-F are ideally suited for use in particularly demanding environments, for example as device connection cables, thanks to the high-quality and highly mechanically resilient sheath. The highly mechanically resistant PUR sheath material meets the highest demands in terms of abrasion and chemical resistance.


  • highly flexible, resistant PUR sheath material
  • cable meets the highest demands in terms of abrasion and chemical resistance
  • LABS-free
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • VDE approval

Hardy conncection cables H05BQ-F and H07BQ-F

TYPE NO. NO. SIZE DIAMETER [mm] DIAMETER [mm] CONDUCTOR [mΩ/m] approx. [g/m]
8-20732 x1.0 mm²2.50± 0.156.80± 0.218.5053
8-20733 x1.0 mm²2.50± 0.158.80± 0.218.5099
8-20812 x1.5 mm²3.10± 0.28.00± 0.3 mm13.3075
8-20813 x1.5 mm²3.10± 0.28.60± 0.4 mm13.3093
8-20813 x2.5 mm²3.70± 0.210.20± 0.4 mm7.98138
8-20815 x2.5 mm²3.70± 0.212.20± 0.27.98210
8-20813 x4.0 mm²4.55± 0.212.30± 0.35 mm4.95212
8-20815 x4.0 mm²4.55± 0.115.20± 0.25 mm4.95318
8-20813 x6.0 mm²5.00± 0.213.60± 0.3 mm3.3279
8-20815 x6.0 mm²5.00± 0.216.70± 0.4 mm3.3430

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