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Raw materials purchasing We look forward to receiving your offer

Our broad ran­ge of pro­ducts also me­ans we need to pur­cha­se a wide va­rie­ty of ma­te­ri­als. Whe­ther pro­ject or se­ries pur­cha­sing, our strict re­qui­re­ments re­gar­ding the qua­li­ty our pro­cu­re­ment mar­ket part­ners sup­p­ly are the same in every field. Many of our re­qui­re­ments are high­ly spe­ci­fic and for that re­a­son we great­ly app­re­cia­te thought­ful sup­p­liers who sha­re our in­no­va­ti­ve spi­rit and work on new ma­te­ri­als and me­th­ods that be­ne­fit our cust­o­m­ers and our­sel­ves in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with our de­ve­lop­ment team.
    • Single wires
    • Multiple Wires
    • bunched strands
    • Superstructure strands
    • Ropes

    Copper materials in following versions:

    • blank
    • tinned
    • nickel-plated
    • silver-plated
    • alloys
    • Si­li­co­ne (rub­ber & ad­di­ti­ve)
    • Fluo­ri­de plas­tics (ETFE, FEP, PFA)
    • PUR
    • TPE
    • PA
    • PVC
    • PP
    • PE
    • Colour concentrates for the above mentioned materials
    • ALU-PET shielding foils
    • PET-/PTFE fleece
    • PET tapes
    • Long fibre paper
    • Threads and yarns
    • Talcum
    • Filling materials
    • Printing inks
    • Wooden spools
    • Plastic spools
    • Cable bundle
    • Cable drums