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Individual charging cables - jacket colors that match the vehicle in green

Sustainability activities at Coroflex

Ever since the Coroplast Group was founded in 1928, sustainable thinking and action have played a central role for the family-owned company. With the Coroplast Group Sustainability Initiative (CSI), the Group systematically implements its sustainability goals and measures. The Coroflex business unit supports this strategy with numerous measures and projects of its own.

Clear goals – concrete measures Coroflex contributes significantly to the Coroplast Group's sustainability strategy

In order to remain successful in the future, the entire Coroplast Group, and thus also the Coroflex business unit, relies on a carefully thought-out sustainability strategy. The basis for this key task is a materiality analysis that assesses the need for action on the central issues and thus gives us the following clear priorities:

  • the implementation of a Group-wide climate strategy
  • the further development of our products
  • the use of energy- and resource-efficient measures
  • transparent reporting to our customers and stakeholders

The assessment considers both our internal view and external perspectives from various stakeholders such as partners, employees or customers.

Currently, Coroflex focuses on the following measures and projects, among others:

Coroflex charging cables for e-vehicles with different colors and prints

Activity 1 Health friendly products

We develop talc-free cables and avoid PCBs during silicone processing. In this way, we protect people's health – in our production and also in further processing.

Activity 2 Reduced cleaning effort

By reducing or eliminating the use of talcum powder in our products, we reduce the contamination of the machines and thus the need for cleaning. In this way, we conserve the resource water – and manual stripping still works perfectly.

Activity 3 More copper from sustainable sources

In Germany, we use up to 40 % recycled copper for the conductors of our wires & cables. This enables us to conserve resources and save energy – while maintaining the same product quality.

Activity 4 Reusable transport spools

We replace our wooden transport spools with spools made of reusable and recyclable plastic. In this way, we reduce raw material consumption, support the circular economy – and save weight during transport with the lighter plastic spools.

Activity 5 Regranulation of insulation residuals

With a processing machine for the regranulation of insulation residues, we succeed in avoiding waste as well as winning back high-quality raw materials for cable sheathing.

Activity 6 Weight-reduced products

Our cable solutions support weight and space savings in end products. Because they require less raw materials, they are lighter, more flexible – and still extremely robust.

Activity 7 Recycling & waste prevention

We have optimized the composition of the sheathing materials of our products. This enables our customers to better recycle Coroflex cables and reduce their waste volumes – in addition, our products are very stable and therefore have a long service life.

As a development partner, Coroflex is setting trends in electromobility with resource-saving, durable cables and wires. In this way, we are contributing significantly to sustainable mobility.

Sebastian Otte | Global Head of Sales Wires & Cables