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Coroflex cables for industrial applications in a production area

Industrial cables & wires Cable solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications

Whether it’s for mechanical and system engineering, automation technology, robotics, drive technology, medical technology or the food and beverage industry – wires and cables from Coroflex always fulfil the highest standards.

Our product range Wires & cables with a wide range of properties

Our extensive range of wires and cables offers innovative and industry solutions with a wide variety of properties. Our portfolio ranges from heat-resistant products, weight-optimized cables (compared to competitor cables), reliable data cables, power cables, control cables and motor, sensor and servo cables, to antiviral and antimicrobial surfaces.

Coroflex – Your experienced development partner

All the industrial cables presented here are developed and produced specially for your individual requirements – for virtually every kind of connection. Our experts look forward to working with you to find the perfect solution.

Find out more about our custom solutions

Discover our product range

Interior view of the factory for Coroflex industrial cables and wires at our Poland site
Coroflex industrial wires and cables are produced in ultra-modern factories – shown here is our site in Poland.

Automation and Industry 4.0 Tailor-made industrial cables – customized to your individual challenges

Coroflex communication cables: Data cables for a wide range of applications

Industry 4.0 applications demand ever higher data transfer rates. At the same time, the data connections must be reliable and easy to install.

Our high-performance Coroflex ProfiNet communication cables and Coroflex Ethernet communication cables offer outstanding EMI shielding, as well as reliable HF transmission properties – even under the most challenging electromagnetic conditions or mechanical loads, as present in drag chains, for example.

Coroflex benefits:

  • reduced cable weight, compared with competitors
  • robust and flexible
  • extremely small bending radii
Coroflex ProfiNet communication cables and Coroflex Ethernet communication cables support you on the way to Industry 4.0.

Coroflex power cables: Control cables and power cables for static and dynamic applications

With our Coroflex power cables, we offer innovative solutions for supplying electrical energy with voltages of up to 1,000 V and operating temperatures of up to +80°C (UL). As well as cables for classic static routing, we also produce drag-chain-compatible variants for electric drive technologies, motor supply cables and other dynamic areas of application. Coroflex power cables are available as multicore sheathed cables with a conductor cross section of up to 6.0 mm².

Coroflex benefits:

  • reduced cable weight, compared with competitors
  • low in talcum, resulting in minimal dust
Robots equipped with Coroflex power cables
Coroflex power cables ensure a reliable energy supply within a voltage range of up to 1,000 V.

Coroflex servomotor cables: Motor, sensor and servo cables for drive and control drive systems

Our hybrid One Cable Technology (OCT) servomotor cables conveniently combine control functions with the electrical power supply of servomotors in one cable. Our Coroflex servomotor cables are UL-certified and are currently available in cross sections of 0.14 mm² to 6.0 mm².

These multifunctional solutions are suitable for a wide variety of components across the broad field of automation technology: in machine tools, production lines, plant, switchgear and control engineering, beverage filling systems or the packaging industry – our motor, sensor and servo cables keep industry running.

Coroflex benefits:

  • low in talcum, resulting in minimal dust
  • reduced installation and cable costs, thanks to OCT
  • extremely small bending radii
  • reduced cable weight, compared with competitors
  • stripping lengths of up to 250 mm in one work step
  • resistant to water jets (IPX9K)
  • suitable for robot and drag chain applications, thanks to high torsion resistance and dynamic bending resistance
Robot equipped with Coroflex servomotor cables
Coroflex servomotor cables ensure reliable, efficient automation.

Reliability at high temperatures Coroflex heat cables: Heat-resistant cables for a wide variety of industrial applications

Temperature, pressure, force, acceleration or fill level: heat-resistant cables reveal their special qualities when used as connection cables for components in sensor, automation and measurement technology.

Coroflex heat cables – durable and automatable

Permanently installed or in flexible, dynamic use – our Coroflex heat cables for high temperatures offer reliable, long-lasting functionality. All products can also be processed automatically.

Diverse cable variants

Coroflex has extensive know-how in the development of special cables. This not only allows us to offer heat-resistant wires with various types of insulation, but also the corresponding sheathed cables. We also produce combinations of different insulation and sheathing materials.

Coroflex benefits:

  • suitable for high temperatures of up to 250°C
  • halogen-free in accordance with DIN EN VDE 0472, Section 815/ IEC 607541
  • production in accordance with VDE, UL/CSA, cURus possible
  • highly resistant to oils and chemicals
  • RoHS and REACH-compliant
  • PCB-free

Discover our high-temperature cables

High-temperature cables and wires from Coroflex
Coroflex heat cables are heat-resistant up to 250°C.

Antibiotic resistance is a big and growing problem for the medical and healthcare sector. The use of our antimicrobial wires and cables can be an extremely effective measure to prevent infections.


Protection against germs and viruses Antiviral and antimicrobial properties for wires and cables from Coroflex

Especially in medical technology and food production, germ-free and virus-free surfaces are a must. However, infection prevention also plays an important role outside of these highly sensitive applications: for example, on cables used in public charging stations for electric vehicles.

Outstanding protection through metal oxide technology

If necessary, we can produce our wires and cables with reliable protection against germs and viruses – without the use of biocides. This is because our antiviral and microbial surfaces are based on metal oxide technology. 

Coroflex benefits:

Our process not only avoids the use of biocides. It also offers many other advantages – especially in direct comparison to commonly used silver ion technology:

  • proven effectiveness and medical safety
  • technology applicable in extrusion and injection molding processes
  • long-lasting antimicrobial effect on bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae
  • additives permanently remain in the base material, only effective on microorganisms
  • prevents the formation of biofilms
  • lasting germ-resistant effect, even in contact with sweat and proteins

Proven effectiveness

The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation (IPA) has certified our antiviral and antimicrobial wires and cables as highly effective, based on independent testing. In only three hours, surfaces are almost completely germ-free.

This is how our wires and cables ensure virus-free and germ-free surfaces.


Here you will find our brochure with the latest additions to our Coroflex industrial wires and cables.

Industrial wires and cables Contact

Do you have any questions about industrial wires and cables? Then please contact us at any time!
Raphael Wodausch
Global Key Account Manager
Raphael Wodausch

Industrial wires and cables Contact

Do you have any questions about industrial wires and cables? Then please contact us at any time!