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Coroplast packaging boxes

History The Company History of the Business Unit Coroflex

Our company can look back on a company history dating back to the 1920s. At that time. the family’s 25-year-old son Fritz Müller founded the company “Fritz Müller Elektroisoliermaterial” in Wuppertal. With a loan of 6,000 Reichsmark, courage, and conviction, he paved the way for today’s Coroplast Group and its subsidiary brands Coroplast Tape, Coroflex, and WeWire.

1930–1950 Founding of the company and reconstruction

The early years were marked by ups and downs for the young company. In 1929, the world economic crisis was mastered with courage and conviction. In the mid-1930s, a promising thermoplastic material was launched on market: polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the foundation for adhesive tapes as we know them today. Fritz Müller recognized the potential of this novel material and began to process it. However, production came to a standstill due to the Second World War; the plant in Wuppertal was destroyed, and the company had to start anew in 1945.

After the introduction of the new company name, Coroplast, its triumphant progress started with reconstruction and the German “economic miracle” (Miracle on the Rhine). The Wuppertal company also took a strong part in the general optimistic mood thanks to research into adhesives and plastic as well as thanks to the continuous expansion of its production and distribution networks.

Building on the Coroplast premises
The Coroplast factory site in Wuppertal in 1968

Coroflex international and as a part of Coroplast Group

A further milestone in the company's history is the entry of Dr. Kurt Müller into the management. For the next 30 years he will have a special influence on the company. In the 1970s, Coroplast significantly expanded its product range - and not only in Germany. In 1994, the company opened its first foreign site in Poland, where it has been producing high-quality cables and wires ever since.

Years after the turn of the millennium were also marked by other major events for our company. With new locations in the USA, China, Tunisia and Mexico, the company is now on the way to becoming an international production association. In 2020, Coroplast’s former Technical Adhesive Tapes, Wires & Cables, and Wire Harnesses Business Units were split into separate brands, which function under the umbrella of Coroplast Group. In addition to Coroflex, Coroplast Tape and WeWire were created.

Production location in Kunshan, China