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COROFLEX 125LV COROFLEX 125LV JUTP - FLR31Y11Y n x 0,5 mm² OD 6,2 mm

Sensor Cable for Wheel Arch Harnesses - suitable for bending and torsional dynamic requirements.
product image: COROFLEX 125LV JUTP - FLR31Y11Y n x 0,5 mm² OD 6,2 mm


The product families of Coroflex ABS cables have been in proven use for many years to meet the bending and torsional dynamic requirements of axle and wheel arch cabling. The sustainable further development of these sensor cables is characterized by continuous weight and installation space savings. At the same time, the technical performance of this product family has been continuously improved.

The installation in the wheel housing alone demands reliable signal transmission for continuous steering and chassis movements. Environmental influences - whether rockfall or the lowest possible operating temperatures - demand a great deal from the cables over the entire life of the vehicle.

The large number of ABS systems in use makes their processing in automated processes unavoidable. Sheathing surfaces specially adapted to the needs of our customers make process-safe and dimensionally perfect overmolding processes - including grommets - possible in the first place.


  • Suitable for overmolding processes
  • Highly bending and torsional dynamic requirements
  • Harsh operating conditions in the wheel house
  • Reliable and automatable processing
  • Weight saving potential
  • Optimized cable dimensions
  • Sensor and actuator applications can be combined

Sensor Cables for Wheel Arch Harnesses

TYPE NO. NO. SIZE DIAMETER [mm] DIAMETER [mm] CONDUCTOR [mΩ/m] approx. [g/m]
8-9012 4 x 0.5 mm² 1.60 -0.2 6.40 -0.4 38.70 48
8-9051 2 x 0.5 mm² 1.60 -0.2 6.40 -0.4 38.20 40
6-1104 2 x 0.75 mm² 1.90 -0.2 6.40 -0.4 24.70 43
6-1105 2 x 0.75 mm² 1.90 -0.2 6.40 -0.4 24.70 43

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