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Coroflex China | News | 25 Mar 2021 Honoring employees: Vote for the best employee and best team

At the beginning of the year 2021, the Coroflex Cable Technology (CCT) management team voted for the „best employee“ and „best team“ award. By collecting several information and evaluating the working performance in the past, more and more the favorites became apparent. After intense discussion, the final winner of best employee 2020 was Ivan Yin, Supply Chain Manager of Coroflex Cable Technology, and the winner of best team became the warehouse team. The excitement about the win was great.

The warehouse team - a team you can always rely on

In the difficulty period in the year 2020, the CCT warehouse team adjusted and optimized their procedure and arrangement, coordinated a lot with several logistic suppliers and worked overtime to ensure the customers increasing demand by providing the most professional warehouse and logistic service.

There are three team members at the warehouse team:

Cui Yongqiang is the team leader of the warehouse. He joined Coroflex Kunshan in December 2017. He constantly improved his working skills and worked hard in the warehouse management. He stands out for his communication work and most important he is cooperating with other departments with enthusiasm.

Zhao Yingchun joined Coroflex in July 2015. After working on the production line for more than two years, he transferred to the warehouse team in the year 2017. In a very short period of time, he mastered the skills of handling raw materials and finished goods, system operations and various other tasks. He is a thoughtful and smart colleague, who always works carefully and conscientiously.

Zhao Yunchuan joined Coroflex in December 2018. After entering the company, he has worked hard to learn all kinds of skills. With his perseverance and unyielding spirit, he has ranked among the top in various skills evaluations. CCT staff appreciates him as a colleague who has a fast reaction time, who is agile in feedback and not afraid of hard work.

To sum it up: At Coroflex Cable Technology in Kunshan we agree that as long as you work with passion, you will always be rewarded for your work – the company will thank you from the bottom of its heart.

Very good guidance: Savior in times of distress

Ivan YIN joined Coroflex China as a production planner in July 2015. Now he is Supply Chain Manager, mastering various tasks from material planning to production planning, import and export business and warehouse management. He has become an indispensable core for the daily operations at Coroflex China and its sustainable development.


I still remember working in a simple and temporary office with only one main product and two production lines when I joined Coroflex. Nowadays Coroflex has developed into an independent legal entity with independent operations and independent sup-ply capacity, professional production lines and equipment from Germany. Dozens of products that meet different requirements and are produced for various customers. I am happy to be part of a company that has become a reliable partner of many famous advanced brands in the Chinese and worldwide automotive market.

Ivan YIN | Supply Chain Manager at Coroflex Kunshan

Coroflex Cable business unit was facing challenges in tremendous workload to transfer SAP data within a limited time while it was approaching to be independent in June 2018. Ivan, together with his team, actively communicated with colleagues from the Headquarters in Germany. He coordinated and organized everything to ensure a smooth transition of the previous SAP system efficiently and effectively, by making reasonable plans and careful deployment with comprehensive implementation. Thanks to Ivan and his team’s special efforts and strong contribution, our SAP Go-live happened smoothly and on time.

In the year 2020, COVID-19 epidemic has swept the world, global logistics supply almost stagnated, and the production and sales of China's automotive market were in a difficult situation. Coroflex Cable Technology responded actively and applied to the local government for resumption of work. At that time, Ivan took the initiative to organize resumption materials, and led the material team to effectively manage and distribute them, which played a decisive role for the CCT plant to resume to work. Immediately after our customers all over the country were able to resum to work and production, the order demand increased dramatically. The product supply was in danger of not being able to cope with the rush. With Ivan’s professional management, CCT material planning, production planning and warehouses, coordinating multiple suppliers, working overtime, by organizing production in order, adjusting logistics plans, finally met the urgent needs of customers, and provided our customers with the greatest support and solution. So that CCT overcame the difficult time period smoothly and became the most reliable and trustworthy brand for our customers.

Ivan has been to the headquarters in Wuppertal (Germany) many times for training in the past few years. He visited and learned almost every aspect of supply chain management at the headquarters. Also his professional management skills have been improved and consolidated.

Each training in HQ Wuppertal has always benefited me a lot. It not only brought me to a higher level in the business field, but also broadened my horizons and taught me to think and plan my professional and personal life from a higher perspective. I am very proud to witness the rapid growth and development of Coroflex in the past few years. At the same time, I am also very honored to be a member of Coroflex family which is a professional and international team, to learn and develop together with excellent team members. Hand in hand with all of them, I am excited for what is to come in the future.

Ivan YIN | Best Employee 2020 at Coroflex Kunshan