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Halogen-free data and connection cables with ECOLAB certificate for devices in medical technology with excellent EMC protection.
product image: COROFLEX SENSOR 5200 - Li9YBC11Y


These halogen-free data and connection cables with ECOLAB certificate for devices from medical technology and products in the field of patient communication are suitable for applications in which a high resistance to cleaning media is required, including the reduction of germ contamination caused by biofilms. These cables are predestined for medical devices that requires the highest hygiene demands and have been subject to demanding cleaning processes. Thanks to their germicidal (aseptic) cable surfaces, the cables offer a good alternative to conventional cleaning processes with disinfectants, the lowest possible contamination potential and, consequently, long-lasting protection and security against germ transmission through skin contact. This combination offers the customer a reduction in hygiene costs and because of that a huge cost reduction potential.


  • Halogen-free and flame-retardant PUR cable with UL Style 20233
  • Good chemical resistance to oils and coolants and lubricants
  • Good resistance to hydrolysis and microbes
  • Flame-retardant according to DIN EN / IEC 60332-2-2 / CSA FT2
  • Drag chain
  • Number of bending cycles ≥ 5 million with ≥10xD
  • distance≥ 5 m
  • speed max. 200m / min - 5m horizontal
  • acceleration max. 5 m / sec²
  • torsion
  • torsion load ± 30 ° / m
  • torsion cycles ≥ 1 million
  • torsion speed 35 cycles / min
  • supports electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) especially in the low frequency range
  • LABS-free
  • RoHS and REACH compliant

PUR-sheathed cables with braided shielding

TYPE NO. NO. SIZE DIAMETER [mm] DIAMETER [mm] CONDUCTOR [mΩ/m] approx. [g/m]
29-5200 12 x 0.14 mm² 1.00 ± 0.05 6.50 ± 0.2 142.0 55
29-5200 8 x 0.25 mm² 1.20 ± 0.05 7.00 ± 0.2 77.5 63
29-5200 5 x 0.34 mm² 1.25 ± 0.05 5.60 ± 0.2 54.3 47

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