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Coroplast Global | Insights Via Facebook to the perfect job

It was just like in a Hollywood film. On the very last day of her student exchange trip to the USA in 2010, Julia Dummer fell in love with Spencer Smith. After seven years, Julia, whose surname is now Smith, moved to Charlotte, South Carolina. But how could she find a job in America while still living in Germany?

How Julia Smith found her way to Coroplast in the USA

In search for a job, Julia Smith takes unusual paths and builds on radio and Facebook – successfully! Within a very short time, she begins working as a sales assistant at Coroplast in the US-American location Rock Hill, close to her new hometown. In the family company with strong roots in Wuppertal, Julia Smith soon felt very much at home.

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I know how lucky I was to find a job so quickly – and then for a great company like Coroplast. Sometimes I can hardly believe how smoothly everything fell into place.

Julia Smith | Customer Account Manager, Coroplast Tape Corporation