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Coroplast Group | News Innovation made tangible

The word “innovation” tends to be very much overused and have little real substance. The German Innovation Award, which is presented annually by the German Design Council, aims to visualise innovation – and our Coroflex® sensor and control cables are among this year’s winners in the B2B category!

Coroflex® sets standards for various industries

Our Coroflex® Sensor, Cleanroom, Food & Beverage and Hospital ranges provide customers with precisely tailored cable solutions to meet their industry-specific requirements – unmatched by any others currently available in the market.

These products have many outstanding features including:

  • Elimination of talcum as a release agent and lubricant,
  • Long stripping length of up to 1.5 m (compared to 0.3 m with conventional cables available by the metre), and
  • Germ-repellent surface based on a purely physical principle, in contrast to standard “off-the-shelf” products.

Thanks to our purpose-designed production processes, we are now in a position to serve these market needs for the first time. This is a demanding field, in which we are not simply going with the flow of technical advances but actively driving them!

For several decades, the industry has been calling for the elimination of talcum, a chalk-like powder. However, until now, cable manufacturers have only partially succeeded in doing away with talc. We’ve finally found a solution to the problem where the sheath is still as easy to remove as ever.

Michael Lindau | Head of Key Account Management EMEA – Coroflex

German Innovation Award in Gold: our strategy is bearing fruit

This exceptional solution expertise and active development of the market have now been honoured with the German Design Council’s Award in Gold for our Brand Coroflex.

The award is clear confirmation that our strategy is bearing fruit. After all, we’re one of only 35 winners out of more than 650 submissions. The procedure for participation is rather unusual: only companies which have been nominated by the German Design Council’s expert committees or scouts are eligible for the German Innovation Award. The aim is to protect the award’s reputation for independence and excellence.

This coveted award for especially innovative products is presented annually by the German Design Council.

We’re very proud to have won this award, which confirms that our strategy is the right one: together with our users, we develop customised, perfect-fit solutions to meet the needs of the entire industry!

Bastian Willenbücher | Formal Head of BU Wires & Cables

Coroflex® – resource-friendly and sustainable

Coroflex® sensor and control cables – emphasis on resource-friendliness and sustainability in production and use.

Apart from criteria like the degree of innovativeness, practical value and profitability, the jury also evaluated aspects such as social, ecological and economic sustainability as well as energy and resource efficiency.

When it comes to further processing, Coroflex® provides a great many advantages:

  • The elimination of talcum helps improve production conditions. The machines can be cleaned less often, leading to less downtime in addition to higher productivity, increased process reliability and time savings.
  • The antibacterial surface of our Coroflex® Hospital cables is based on a purely physical principle – without any biocidal substances or nanometals which are liable to escape, with uncertain effects on health.
  • Manual stripping up to 1.50 m in a single working step saves the fitter considerable time and effort, resulting in increased convenience and ease of manufacturing with less waste.

The efficient use of resources is also a top priority at all production sites of the Coroplast Group. When manufacturing the Coroflex® series, for example, we dispense completely with cross-linked materials and give preference to recyclables.

Coroflex® sets new standards with its product features for sensor and control cables, providing solutions that meet the high demands of a wide array of industries.

Jury’s comment | German Innovation Award

It’s a fact: we’re never content to rest on our laurels. We are continuously striving to optimise the existing Coroflex® range and expand it with new products. Only a year or so after the market launch, for instance, we added screened cables – including silicone-insulated ones – to the product family. After all, an “innovation” must have the ability to “renew” itself again and again.

Click here for more information on our current Coroflex® range.