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Coroplast Global | News | 17 Feb 2023 Coroplast Group donates 50,000 euros for the earthquake victims

The earthquake in the Turkish-Syrian border region is already one of the worst natural disasters of the last hundred years. As a globally active company, the Coroplast Group feels obliged to help those affected.

Immediate help via a reliable partner

On 6 February, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the Turkish-Syrian border region. In the hours that followed, the region was also shaken by more than 50 aftershocks. We are dismayed by the many victims and injured as well as the extent of the destruction. There are also employees at the Coroplast Group who are worried about their families, friends and acquaintances. Our special sympathy goes out to them.

As an immediate humanitarian measure, we have decided to donate 50,000 euros to the German Red Cross (DRK). With this, we would like to help the affected people in the region in these difficult times. We hope that this donation will help to strengthen the relief activities.

The DRK is the largest humanitarian organisation in Germany and has the necessary expertise to provide urgently needed disaster relief. Donations can be made by private individuals as well as companies.

Map of Turkey and Syria with the earthquake region in which the DRC is providing aid.
Effective aid: The German Red Cross works closely with its sister societies in Turkey and Syria. In this way, donations can be used in a targeted manner.