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Coroplast Global | News | 08 Dec 2023 Two awards for corporate health management

As a family-owned business, the well-being of our employees is especially important to us. That is why we have established an outstanding occupational health management system. EUPD Research has once again confirmed this by certifying us as a "Healthy Employer". What is new this time is that we received the "Corporate Health Award" in the "Excellence" category from the Handelsblatt.
Corporate Health Award logo
The Corporate Health Award raises awareness of the need to sustainably promote the health, satisfaction and performance of employees.


Repeated award and a premiere

We are delighted to have been awarded the "Healthy Employer" seal again this year. We are particularly proud to have received the "Corporate Health Award" from the Handelsblatt for the first time – in the "Exellenz" category.

Both awards are a great acknowledgement of our systematic work on health services for our employees. The awards for outstanding corporate health management presented by EUPD Research and Handelsblatt are among the most prestigious in Germany.

Of course, such awards help us to be perceived as an attractive employer. At the same time, the comprehensive audit gives us a good overview of where we stand today and additional impetus for further developing our BGM.

Irini Rodoviti | Corporate health management

The Corporate Health Award

We have established a corporate health management system that is one of the best in Germany. This is confirmed by the comprehensive audit that qualifies companies for this award.

Structure, strategy and performance – experts from science, business and health care use these three dimensions, each with different criteria, to assess the quality of occupational health management. When we participated in this demanding certification process for the first time, we not only passed, but also landed in the upper range of the rating scale for many criteria - earning us the seal of approval in the "Exellenz" category.

Our particular strengths

The highlight of the "Benefits" dimension is our employer-funded supplementary health insurance, which provides our employees with a free health budget of up to €900, for example. Our vaccination program is also well received. But we also score highly in the "structure" and "strategy" dimensions, for example with our training courses on healthy leadership and our exemplary corporate integration management (BEM).

Corporate Health Exellenz Seal
Corporate Health Exellenz Seal

Valuable development tips

The evaluation of our health management shows us where we can improve our offers or processes, but also that we already do a lot for our employees.

The new BGM team

We are in the process of establishing a BGM team in order to continuously advance our occupational health management. The team is currently working on structuring and optimizing the wide range of offers. These will then be made available to all employees in a clear and concise manner. True to the motto: "Do good and talk about it.

BGM Team of Coroplast Group
Health days: Together with our external partner SportsUp, we offer employees a variety of on-site activities during working hours.