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Coroplast Global | News | 17 Jun 2024 Ruhr Rafting! The Apprentice Team Day 2024

Our Apprentice Team Day takes place every summer - a great opportunity for our young talents to experience little adventures together and get to know each other better in the process. This year's programme included a rafting trip with some tricky challenges.

Good mood, varied challenges and team spirit

This year's Apprentice Team Day was another great experience – both for our apprentices and for our trainers. When everyone got off the bus in Hattingen by the Ruhr at 10 a.m. in high spirits, four boats were already waiting for them.  

Then it was time to get into the boats and take to the paddles.

Apprentice team shortly before casting off
Well prepared for their little adventure and freshly fortified, the teams boarded their boats.

Thank you very much for this really wonderful day! I am very happy to be part of this team.

Eight river kilometres, five challenges

On their trip to Bochum, the four teams not only experienced a fast-paced journey with small rapids and wild boat slides, they also had to solve five tasks along the way.  

The teams had to master these five challenges with creativity, communication skills, dexterity, inventiveness and team spirit: 

  1. Each crew had the task of writing a short poem about the team day by the time they arrived in Bochum.  
  2. The teams landed in a bay to solve a communication game: Each crew member was given a picture card that no one else was allowed to see. The only way for the apprentices to put the cards in the right order was to describe the motif.
  3. Back on the water, two teams got together for a challenge that required a great deal of skill. In the middle of the river, the entire crews had to swap boats.  
  4. Then ingenuity was required: the teams went ashore again to develop a construction that could protect an egg from being hit from a height of three metres.  
  5. Last but not least, two boats came together again and tried to shoot twenty beach balls into the other team's boat. 
Two apprentices rowing the rafting boat
In addition to the challenges, the apprentices also had time to enjoy the beautiful river landscape.

Final in the Bodega La Posta

At the end of the varied tour, the beautiful beer garden of the "La Posta" bodega directly on the Ruhr awaited the enthusiastic participants. Before the apprentice team day came to an end here with delicious Spanish specialities and cool drinks, the final part of the tour was still to come: The apprentices tested the egg constructions developed during the tour together and each team recited an 8-line poem.

Apprentice recites her team's 8-liner, standing with her back to Bodega La Posta
Once they arrived at their destination, the apprentices recited the creative 8-liners they had composed on the way.

An unforgettable experience

In addition to the shared rafting experience, exciting challenges and good food, the day offered the apprentices the opportunity to network intensively and get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere.  

For the first time, we also invited our new apprentices, who start their training in August, to this apprentice team day. This day was particularly valuable for them to establish initial contacts with their future trainers and fellow apprentices even before they start at the Coroplast Group. 

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