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Coroflex China | News | 17 Dec 2020 The Coroplast Group - Premium supplier for electric mobility

In 2019, around 7,9 million e-cars were registered worldwide. This is a huge market for the Coroplast Group and its divisions - because the orange high-voltage cables and adhesive tapes are an indispensable component of electrically powered vehicles.

Electric mobility and electric cars in Germany and Europe

Climate targets, driving bans and diesel scandal. Many triggers make electromobility a synonym for the future of the entire automotive industry - and the Coroplast Group, with its Coroflex (wires & cables) and Coroplast Tape (adhesive tapes) divisions, is directly involved in the development as a manufacturer and supplier.

Electric mobility dominates the headlines. Here are just two examples of current news: According to a study by BloombergNEF, by 2035 for the first time more cars with electric drive systems than with combustion engines could be sold worldwide. The study takes purely battery-powered cars and vehicles with hybrid drives into account. Or, to stay in Germany: As part of its economic stimulus package, the German government is doubling the environmental bonus for the purchase of an electric or hybrid vehicle – which means that the subsidy will be at best EUR 9,000. In addition, private initiatives such as "Ionity" are helping to ensure a nationwide network of electricity charging stations on all European trunk roads – and thus to further advance electric mobility.

The Coroplast Group keeps an eye on the latest developments: The "Ionity" joint venture between BMW, Daimler, Ford and VW will significantly improve the charging infrastructure in Germany and Europe.

The Coroplast Group sets benchmarks as a global supplier for electromobility

All the more it pays off for us that we have already been excellently positioned in this area for years: With our high-voltage cables, charging connection lines and special technical adhesive tapes, we as a supplier offer comprehensive and reliable solutions for manufacturers of electric vehicles. In close cooperation with the leading OEMs, we have done pioneering work, especially in the field of charging and high-voltage cables. Right from the start, we have been in series production with our special high-voltage cables and are considered a benchmark worldwide. In the future, we will devote ourselves even more to the field of e-mobility and continuously push the development of technical solutions.

Electric mobility is changing the world. And electromobility will also change our lives and environmental awareness in the long term.

Helmut Wichmann | Product Management & Marketing Coroflex

Special know-how required: How electrically powered vehicles work

A high-voltage battery stores electrical energy and is charged with direct current. Up to two alternating current electric motors, e.g. in four-wheel drive vehicles, drive the wheels. Air conditioning and passenger compartment heating are also electrically powered. Our high-voltage cables connect and supply these and other units and components with electrical currents of several hundred amperes. These high-voltage cables protect man and machine against alternating voltages of up to 600 volts and direct voltages of up to 1,000 volts. Higher voltages of up to 1,500 volts are conceivable in the future. For this reason, we have been offering orange adhesive tapes with high mechanical strength in our product range for several years – for bundling and, in particular, for further protection of high-voltage cables.

High-voltage cables for more power

Today, powerful electric motors ensure impressive driving performance. The power for this is supplied by our high-voltage cables. Today, many OEMs are increasingly focusing on software development and are transferring hardware development increasingly to their strategic suppliers. This is a great opportunity for us: We are the reliable technology partner for OEMs, whom we advise intensively on their development concepts with our know-how.

Coroflex produces high-voltage cables for a large number of different models from renowned automobile manufacturers – including the Audi e-tron. (Photo: Copyright „AUDI AG“)

Beyond the automobile: The Coroplast Group is a technology partner for OEMs

But the technology is by no means limited to cars. It is everywhere where something is moving. Whether bus, truck, train, airplane, mechanical engineering, wheelchairs or construction vehicles like forklifts. Added to this is the linking of e-mobility with internet services and networking. The exciting task will be to decide what to do now and where the future lies for us. The idea of the electric motor is not new, but it has taken a long time to scale it effectively and get it into the vehicles. We were involved from the very beginning, gaining valuable experience every day and building up enormous know-how. This makes us confident that we will also make the right decisions outside the automotive sector.

At the Coroplast Group we actively live electric mobility

Lived e-mobility at the Coroplast Group: new forms of e-mobility are regularly tested on our company premises – by young and old.

Not only the leading manufacturers of electric vehicles are among our customers – as a company, we are also committed to the topic of e-mobility by promoting innovative projects and employee events. For example, our high-voltage cables were installed in the prototype of the Delft Hyperloop, which was developed by 37 students at the Technical University of Delft and which should be able to drive 1,000 km/h and faster in the future. We also regularly give our employees the opportunity to try out electric means of transportation – and e-bikes are available for spontaneous rental on our company premises.

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