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Management Coroflex

To achieve our common goals, our management leads with passion and commitment.

Dr. Lei Berners-Wu Business Unit Manager Coroflex Global Market & Development

Joined Coroplast Group in mid-2019. Studied mathematics in Guangzhou, China, gained a PhD in San Diego, USA and worked most recently at the industry giant Bosch. Is convinced that complete transparency promotes faster decision-making and forms the basis for a lean, team-oriented organisation. Believes that Coroflex will also be successful in digital transformation with its combination of outstanding entrepreneurialism, global vision and streamlined, efficient organisation.

Frau im Anzug
Dr. Lei Berners-Wu, Business Unit Manager Coroflex Global Market & Development

Whether it’s automation, digitalization, or artificial intelligence, people are always in the foreground.

Dr. Lei Berners-Wu

Dariusz Praga Business Unit Manager Coroflex Global Operations

Target oriented manager with more than 22 year of experience in international automotive environment (mainly giant Tenneco), joined Coroplast in mid-2019. Graduated the Silesian Technical University in Gliwice, postgraduate Economic study in Krakow and gained MBA in Stockholm. Acquired versatile knowledge he developed and used by participating and directing a number of optimization and implementation projects in Poland, Germany and France. Focus on internal & external customers' needs. Enthusiast & practitioner of continuous optimisation & efficient organisation, based onto Team involvement and synergies of organization. Believes in importance of up & down stream straight & open communication, supporting continue improvement of a Coroplast Team to build more productive and a sustainable future.

Dariusz Praga, Business Unit Manager Coroflex Global Operations

As a part of the Coroplast family, we provide our business partners with unique & modern technologies and innovative solutions that meet the highest quality requirements. We believe that by constantly striving to optimize processes based on lean organization, we support our business partners in their development, allowing them to achieve competitive advantage. We consistently invest in the knowledge and development of our team, creating a culture of innovation and creativity.

Dariusz Praga