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Coroflex | News | 22 Mar 2022 New dual leadership at Coroflex

Dennis Kottirre has been Coroflex's new business unit manager since January. Together with Dariusz Praga, he thus forms the new dual leadership of the business unit. The two are focused on a common goal: to continue to position Coroflex as a strong and reliable partner worldwide.

Combined strengths in new business area management

Dennis Kottirre and Dariusz Praga form the new dual leadership of the Coroflex Business Unit. In the future, the new division management will focus on two core areas, which the two leaders will divide between them: Market & Development and Operations & Production.

Dennis Kottirre will take over the "Market & Development" area. The aim of his new role is modern brand management that is customer-oriented and optimally meets the growing demands of the market. As an experienced sales professional, Dennis Kottirre not only knows the interests and requirements of customers, but also the company. He has been working within the Coroplast Group for a total of ten years. In recent years, he has been responsible for sales of cable winding tapes in North America for the Coroplast Tape business unit and has been heavily involved with the automotive and customer logistics from his base in South Carolina.

Coroflex Business Unit Manager Dennis Kottirre

The entire technical area, meaning "Operations & Production" is led by Dariusz Praga. Mr. Praga has more than 20 years of experience in the international automotive environment and has been with Coroflex since mid-2019. He gained his expertise in the field of production and engineering as well as in the management of international, operational processes.

Together as a team, we work cohesively on the further development of Coroflex. With the responsibility on two shoulders, we can successfully lead Coroflex as a strong and reliable partner into a more productive and sustainable future. Continuous optimization, efficient organization and internationality are our focus.

Dennis Kottirre | Business Unit Manager Coroflex "Market & Development"

Management focuses on continuity, stability and internationality

Dennis Kottirre and Dariusz Praga work closely together to create continuity and stability in the company. For the new dual leadership, the team concept is very central. Particularly internationally, the business unit managers want to interact more closely and move closer together. "We strive for excellence - in every area and in every department of the business unit. In this way, we want to strengthen our global competitiveness," says Dennis Kottirre.